Eco Friendly Hotel

We believe that the nature of an Agroturismo represents intrinsically one of the most Ecologically sustainable tourism options. This is because the purpose of this hotel is to sustain the typical smallholding cultivation and arable traditions of this area, using old farm buildings and local staff and products. We maintain some 3 ½ million m2 of agricultural and forest land which will not be developed or intensively cultivated whilst the hotel is still running. To underpin this overall purpose, we have developed a number of principles for the day to day operations of farm and hotel.

Repair, Reuse and Recycle
  • We use local materials, including reuse quarried stones, tiles and wood fittings to reduce the requirement for new materials. The buildings date from the 13th century and so have a naturally low environmental profile in comparison to new purpose build concrete box 5 star hotels
  • Any renovations will use the minimum materials, and we will not “over restore” any of the buildings, as we wish to maintain them as close to the traditional method as is comfortable for guests!
  • All food wastes are recycled for farm animals, including dogs, pigs and chickens
  • We fix things ourselves and dont buy new if we can avoid it!


Live Locally
  • We source all of our products as locally as we can. Vegetables, Lamb and many consumables come from a 10km radius from the farm, and we use very local suppliers for olives and oils, cleaning products, bread and many other items. All of our staff live local to the hotel
  • Wherever possible we favour Mallorquin products over imported ones, and organic products over more intensively farmed ones
  • Although our guests will (mostly) have to fly here, short trip flights on high occupancy “low cost” airlines with new fleets represent the least environmentally bad way to enjoy an international holiday


Minimise our consumption
  • Offering a “set menu” with clients booking in advance minimises the wastage, as does asking people to eat at the same time to enable us to cook things together.
  • Use glass bottles
  • We have not installed air-conditioning in public areas, nor in our Kitchen or staff areas.
  • All taps are low water consumption aeration filters, and wherever possible we use low consumption light bulbs. All walls and ceilings have high insulation capabilities both to keep the heat in in winter, and cool in in summer
  • Fresh ingredients which have little of no processing and are only cooked once


However, the largest environmental impact of the hotel is from the guests and how they use facilities here. To this end we ask you to help us by:

  • Minimizing water consumption, by reducing our washing load (especially by letting us line-drying beach towels so you can reuse them, instead of washing them), dont leave taps running, have shorter showers
  • Turn off lights and air conditioning units when not in use
  • Dont travel so much! Our dinners and lunches are great, why not just stay here!