When I lay me down to sleep

08/05/2014 | James

For whatever reason, at Finca Es Castell, press and journalist visits have never been a priority for us. Not that I dont appreciate a detailed rundown of the Gourmet Food, Beautiful Views and Relaxing Hotel Service as featured in "Squirrel Fanciers Weekly"; we`re just not a big believer in generic articles written for the mass market, as it takes away some of the uniqueness and charm of our Small Rural Hotel.

We ended up being featured in Time Magazine with a Journalist who stayed here who we didnt know was a Journalist, The Guardian featured us as one of their top hotels in Mallorca, and the Sunday Times described be as "effusive", which I am pretty sure is Private-Eye-Speak for "A Drunk". (Im not!), but these were far more a serendipidous event than any kind of Marketing Strategy

But despite our self-confessed blind refusal to indulge in self-promotion, and our wish to simply offer a wonderful hotel in a tranquil haven, occasionally the odd journalist does sneack through the net.

Angharad Llewellyn writes and publishes an online magazine, Pillow Magazine. I dont know if it was the style of the page, the wish to support an entrepreneurial young lady, or the fact that I thought it was some kind of NSFW related theme (its not!), we were very pleased to host Angharad and her photographer both here, and in our other hotel, Son Ametler,

See what she wrote here: I hoep you like it, I did!




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