Cars, Walks and Bicycles

02/03/2014 | James

We are really proud of our "out of the way, far from the madding crowds" location, which we believe makes us one of the few Finca Hotels to offer a real rustic hideaway...but of course there are always challenges. Having spent the last 48 hours running up to the monestary of Lluc to pickup some clients a bit disorientated on their way back to Es Castell (luckily found!), then providing bike mechanic services Im pretty sure no other charming Mallorcan boutique hotel would offer, Im pleased  to say there is some good news on the transport front - one of our recent clients just picked up a weekend (thursday to Tuesday) car rental for TWENTY EUROS - including a "full-full" petrol policy

So not having the reight transport really isnt an excuse to come and visit our  and see why weve been voted "Spains Best Hotel", we have the best views, best secenery and, a road which works for feet, cars and bikes!



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