Welcome to our new blog!

11/12/2013 | James

Welcome to the Blog of Finca Hotel Es Castell, MAllorcas finest hotel. So this is a trial of modern technology...beamed LIVE into your own homes, in glorious stereo technicolour, comes my first blog. Probably will be the first of very few if the hotel is a busy as last year, and dont forget we now also have our second hotel, hotel Son Ametler, up and running. Or al least up, Im not sure about running, two small charming hotels in Mallorca may be a step too far for my empire!

I will be using this blog page to update special offers, current events in and around Finca Es Castell and Mallorca, and perhaps, unless you are very nice, some other random written stream of conciousnesses (if thats a word) such as what this one is. Enjoy!



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